Extras Gallery

A collection of fillers from the old ComicDish archives, aside from the sketchwork during the long hiatus that went into the Patreon feed.

Ceph's sisters are aged nine, seven and five (although there is another sibling on the way.) As noted in the comic, they are his half-sisters, but having a half brother and half sister myself, I can assure you that doesn't make much difference.

Can you guess which one is the apathetic nine-year old? XD

Originally done to announce the end of a hiatus, but I think it's cute.

...Seriously, I can't seem to win on this front.

Done for another return announcement, but mainly I just like the kids.

Liion is about ten here, and Talibah is about thirty-seven. It's shortly after Talibah took Liion on as an apprentice, and about three or four years before the Siege. Liion is the only apprentice Talibah has ever had.

It's usually traditional that a paladin or priest of Viviiane would take on an apprentice around the age of twenty-five to thirty, but of course Talibah is hardly traditional, and it was as difficult for Jabari to get her to take on a student as it was for Jabari to place Liion with a teacher.

Oh yeah: Mandekor don't sag and wrinkle at proportionate rates to humans. Their fur colors just wash out. O_o

Ora Niishedun essentially translates into "through this night." The lyrics are taken from an old lullaby I had to learn in high school choir class.

I haven't quite gotten the translated Ashla to mesh with the tune yet. XD

I think I've hinted at what this hints at before, but it might have been less obvious. That's a much younger Liion on the bed. That's his mother sitting next to him.

I enjoyed doing this image, since it's a little artsier than usual, but I fear the shines are a little too shiny. :P

Tiana's mama.  Tiana's dad took her surname when they married.

Talibah took losing her son... very hard.